A Word from John

Posted on October 2, 2017 at 5:30 am

A Word From Our Camp Director


It is always amazing to me how quickly summers go by and how much I miss being at camp! Camp Seale Harris‘s 2017 summer programs were outstanding – and it is always wonderful to meet new friends AND reconnect with old ones. Once again, I was privileged to spend time with more than 500 campers and 200 volunteers – in addition to many parents and guests!

As I was reflecting over the summer one particular aspect (of many) came to mind. At the end of our closing ceremony of our summer overnight programs, each person (campers and volunteers) puts a wishboat with a candle inside of it on the water and sees it float (“sail”) along with everyone else’s wishboat. It was a powerful time for me growing up at CSH to know that I wasn’t alone. Each of us at camp is a “light” that others can see – there is always someone “out there” who we can support, or who can support us.  Combining this knowledge with the other aspects of diabetes camp and the natural education that camp provides makes it one of the most powerful environments for support for those of us living with diabetes and our families.

I have had so many great experiences with camp – and Camp Seale Harris, in particular – in my 27+ years of living with diabetes.  Even as a staff member I not only teach, but learn, as well.  The “power of camp” is an amazing one that I was excited to be a part of again this summer.

The Camp Seale Harris experience doesn’t end because summer is over! With year-round CSH weekend and community programs, those of us with diabetes – and those that love and care for us – can keep the magic going.

If you have any questions about the Camp Seale Harris experience, or anything else, please email me at john@site01.d0006.devyour.com. I hope to see you soon!