Financial Aid

Every child with diabetes receives Financial Aid to attend Camp Seale Harris programs. SDES is a non-profit that relies on charitable donations to provide camp financial aid for all children with diabetes. The cost of camp per child ranges from $500 – $1200 per session depending on the location and session length. This cost can be challenging for many families. Donations to our Scholarship Fund assist with cost for everyone.

Every child with diabetes receives a Partial Scholarship from our Scholarship Fund that reduces everyone’s Camp Fee to the published fee amount.  For example, the actual full cost of Camp Seale Harris Junior Week is $1200 per camper, but after applying the automatic “Living With Diabetes” Partial Scholarship, the Camp Fee for each child is $800.  This reduced fee is made possible by donations and sponsorships from caring donors and community organizations so that every family receives support, and no child is ever turned away. Camp Fee listed on registration information has already had the “Living With Diabetes” Partial Scholarship applied and the fee listed is remaining cost of camp paid by families.

We want all children with diabetes to be able to come to camp. Some families are not able to pay some, or all, of their remaining Camp Fee. For additional scholarship information or financial assistance to ensure your child can come to camp, families may apply for an income-based Financial Need Scholarship, participate in the Diabetes WALK for Camp Seale Harris to raise camp funds, request a local sponsor, or use a payment plan. Please request more information, or call our office at 205-402‐0415. No child or family is ever turned away due to validated financial need.

  • Join the Diabetes WALK for Camp Seale Harris to raise money and earn prizes at the same time! You can walk at one of our WALK events, virtually, or in your own community!
  • Employer Scholarship — Many employers cover diabetes camp fees for employee children.
  • Financial Aid Scholarship Application—SDES offers income-based Camp Fee scholarships for all programs. Registration for a camp including a $25 deposit is required in order to have your scholarship application considered. Register online first to reserve your child’s place at camp. The scholarship application is included at online camp registration. Full and partial awards are based on income (primarily below 250% of Federal Poverty Level), number of people in the household, and extenuating circumstances detailed in your application. Needs-based scholarships per child/family per calendar year (January-December) are available for both one overnight camp (children’s, teen, or Family) plus one day camp.  Support for additional camp sessions may be available through Diabetes Walk Sponsorships made possible by funds raised at the Diabetes WALK.
  • Sponsor Request Packet— Many local sponsors from your community, such as individuals, churches, civic organizations, and businesses, will help at your request. These sponsorship opportunities do not require a financial aid application and often involve only a phone call or request letter.
  • Payment Plan—Weekly or monthly

Donors and supporters may sponsor a child in any amount.

DONATE to the Camp Seale Harris Scholarship Fund here