Staff Spotlight: Kathryn Kelley

Posted on June 29, 2018 at 6:00 am

Name: Kathryn Kelley

How long have you been attending Camp Seale Harris? Since I was born!

Which camp programs are you working this summer? Junior and Senior Camp

Is there one year of camp that stands out among the rest? My last year as a camper. It was amazing!

What is the biggest change from your time as a camper to your role as a staff member? My maturity increased and my level of understanding deepened.

What is your favorite thing about being a Camp Seale Harris staff member? I love watching and being a part of the camp mission being carried out.

What is your favorite activity at camp? Nature!!!

What is your favorite camp song? Hagdalena Magdalena

What is your favorite camp meal or snack? Rice cakes with PB & banana.

How has CSH helped to shape you into who you are today? There are a million ways and I couldn’t begin to explain them. I am the person I am today largely because of Camp Seale Harris. I am forever grateful.

Interesting fact about you? I came to camp one year in a hot pink leg cast that was waterproof. I had broken my ankle and was rolled around camp in a wheelchair!