What about my CGM? It connects with my phone.

Posted on January 18, 2019 at 11:39 am

  • Cell phones (or internet-enabled mobile devices like an iPod Touch, etc.) can only be brought to camp (and used by) campers using the Dexcom CGM system.
  • Devices for Dexcom CGM readings will be kept by the camper’s cabin counselor during most hours and will only be used for Dexcom readings only. They may not be used for any other purpose (calls, texts, music, internet, etc.).
  • At night all devices will be charged near the camper so that readings may be transmitted successfully to the medical staff.
  • Camp Seale Harris will connect devices to our wireless network (used solely for CGM information).
  • The Share/Follow functions will be disabled on the camper’s device during their time at Camp Seale Harris (Dexcom readings will only be viewable by camp staff). Designated staff will be watching CGM data during night-time hours while the campers and cabin counselors are asleep (in addition to overnight “rounds” by medical staff which will continue to occur).
  • While it is not a requirement for campers using Dexcom CGMs to bring a phone/internet-enabled device, having this device (as opposed to solely using their insulin pump that is integrated with Dexcom, etc.) is the only method in which Camp Seale Harris will be able to view data remotely. The camper and cabin counselor will always be able to look at any device personally to get CGM information.
  • Parents may continue to call the CSH Office during the week of camp to get information about their camper including diabetes information, how they are enjoying their activities, etc.