Staff Spotlight: Mackenzie Porten

Posted on July 16, 2018 at 6:00 am


Name: Mackenzie Porten

Age of T1D Diagnosis: 9 years old

Which camp programs are you working this summer? Junior and Senior Camp, Birmingham and Huntsville Day Camp, Coastal Camp

Do you remember the first CSH program you attended? What was it like? It was a ton of fun. My diabetic friend came with me and my diabetic babysitter was a counselor!

What is the biggest change from your time as a camper to your role as a staff member? I’ve matured and become less shy – now I am capable of being a role model to others.

What is your favorite thing about being a Camp Seale Harris staff member? Bonding with the other staff members.

What is your favorite activity at camp? Ziplining and Camp Songs

What is your favorite camp song? Peel the Orange

What is your favorite camp meal or snack? Ice Cream and Fried Okra

How is CSH helping you “live well” with diabetes? CSH helped to establish routine and accountability with my diabetes. It also helped me realize how many other diabetics there are.

What is an interesting fact about you? I want to be a pediatric endocrinologist one day.