Do I get to use my phone at Camp Seale Harris?

Posted on January 18, 2019 at 11:39 am

Cell phones are not allowed for camper use at Camp Seale Harris (except for Dexcom CGM users – see question above “What about my CGM? It connects with my phone”).  We, as a camp (and the camping community at-large), have regularly found cell phones to be a distraction from the forging of healthy relationships with other campers and mentor staff, and can sabotage the fun and learning experience that Camp Seale Harris can provide.  We want campers tuning into and learning from each other instead of being tethered to the outside world for the week that they’re at camp.  This cell phone policy is one that we have made after combining camper experiences, feedback from other diabetes camps, and best practices of other camps within the American Camp Association.